The Importance of Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle


Spring is here and with it comes the time for spring cleaning. Your home isn’t the only one that benefits greatly from a thorough maintenance when the snow melts and the warm weather returns.

Come discover the importance of proper spring maintenance with your Mazda dealer, as well as the benefits you’ll find with us that will keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.

Winter: The Most Difficult Season for a Car

There is no time of year that is more difficult for your vehicle than the winter season.

To begin with, the intense cold can cause problems to your battery, which may have trouble starting in winter. These temporary problems are just a sign of the damage winter can generate.

For example, rough road conditions can damage or wear out the mechanics of your car.

Here are some problems you may find in spring, along with their winter causes:

  • Calcium and temperature differences can damage brakes
  • Rough road conditions can misalign the car’s wheels
  • Cold weather can cause more permanent damage to your battery, etc.

In short, there is no more important time to ensure the integrity of your vehicle than in early spring, when the harsh weather conditions are over.

Take Advantage of Tire Change

In Québec, you can have your tires changed back to summer tires as early as March 16.

While it is not necessarily advisable to remove your winter tires as soon as possible, it is imperative to do so to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your winter tires.

Whether you change your tires yourself or have them done by professionals, why not take advantage of this necessary step to have a more complete maintenance service of your vehicle?

After all, changing tires is a necessary step that comes with spring. There’s really no better time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the warm weather.

Oil Change and Fluid Check

In general, it is recommended that you change your car’s oil every 5,000 miles, or every six months, whichever comes first.

If you drive a lot, you may already be used to frequent oil changes. If not, taking advantage of tire changes to change your oil is an ideal way to ensure that you do it frequently enough.

In fact, with winter splitting the year in two, doing an oil change when you put on your winter tires and another one when you put on your summer tires allows you to take care of your vehicle without giving much thought.

At the same time, the windshield liquid you use in the winter is less effective in the summer. Consequently, it might also be a good idea to use this opportunity to change your windshield washer fluid.

Finally, don’t forget the fluid check of your brakes and other fluids. While most don’t need to be changed every year, the time it takes to do a simple check is worth the problems you could avoid.

Cleaning with High-End Car Care Products

Once you’ve got your vehicle running smoothly, move on to a major spring cleaning. All the water and calcium that builds up makes winter the dirtiest season of the year.

Dirt inside the vehicle is not normally the cause of driving problems. However, it is better to drive a clean car.

With the arrival of fall, it may be worthwhile to set some time for:

  • Car carpet cleaning
  • Car seat cleaning
  • Body and exterior cleaning
  • Cleaning all other little nooks and crannies

If you’re looking for high-end car care products, consider using Mazda car care products.

Products that come directly from the manufacturer are designed to work perfectly with your vehicle.

And Much More Car Care Services

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also offer a few others to complete your spring maintenance. For example, checking wheel alignment can be crucial to getting your car off to a good start this summer.

If you were wondering if a Mazda car is expensive to maintain, you’ll be happy to know that we offer quality Mazda maintenance services at costs that will surprise you!

For all your car needs, don’t hesitate to come and consult our service department at L’Ami Junior Mazda, your Mazda dealer in Chicoutimi in the heart of AMI Junior.

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